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The application of security film to windows will reduce, if not completely eliminate, both damage to people and property.  In particular to prevent a break-in installing security film (which is thicker and stronger) is recommended.  Because the polymer film has a high degree of elasticity, it is resistant to such breakage.  The type of object thrown will determine the chance that the object has in penetrating both film and glass.  In most documented cases, the pane of glass itself remains intact in the frame with only a small hole where the object penetrated.  This sustained protection serves to thwart the would-be smash and grab burglar.  Should the robber persist in the attempt to gain entry into the premises the time delay and noise factor is generally sufficient to scare off most would-be robbers empty handed--making an investment in security film well worth it.

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 Many windows are broken either intentionally or unintentionally by thrown objects. Whether this is a child accidentally throwing a baseball through a window or a  smash and grab robbery attempt, the results are the same.  The projectile hits the glass with some degree of velocity, breaking the glass inward.  This causes large dagger-like shards to fly into the room.  Not only does this pose a risk to property, but it also poses a risk to unsuspecting individuals.  Whether at home or in the office, people tend to put furniture near windows in order to enjoy the benefits of light, warmth and view allowed by large windows.  In the event of a thrown  object, this presents the likelihood of injury.

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