Solar Film Option

It's common knowledge that the ultra violet rays, also known as UV rays, can cause damage to your skin & eyes, so we use sunblock & sunglasses.  However, did you know UV rays can also damage many things in your home?  The Las Vegas sun has a terrible habit of fading your carpet and other surfaces in its path.  So, how do you let the sunshine in your home and still protect your carpet, wood floors, drapes, pictures and furnishings from the UV rays and heat from the sun?   

Alternative Window Film Option:  There are a variety of window film options for different levels of UV ray protection..

Solar window film is designed to add a layer of protection to your windows by reducing glare and fading and lowering your cooling costs during the summer and heating bills in the winter.  Most solar film offers up to 99.9% UV protection and has shown to reduce summer cooling costs up to 35%.  Talk to us and find out which type of film is right for you.

Alternative Residential Window Tinting


Las Vegas Sun's Impact on Furnishings 

                ...not a pretty sight!

Consider UV protected Solar Film