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One of the major causes of injury is human to glass impact.  The major cause of injury to the human body when impacting a pane of glass is what is known as the "guillotine effect".  This is where the person walks into or through the pane of glass with great speed.  By the time the individual realizes that they have walked into the glass they are already in a position where they have broken the pane of glass and do not have sufficient time to back-track.  As soon as the glass is broken, due to the effect of gravity, it falls and injures the person.

Safety film decreases and virtually eliminates injury from this type of human impact.  The glass, while it may be broken or cracked, remains adhered to the film, and in most cases, is still intact in its frame.  The tensile strength of the film, coupled with its elasticity and high resistance to shear, greatly removes, if not virtually eliminates, the ability of a person to walk through a pane of glass.

This product can also be fitted to residential sliding doors and glass doors. particularly in areas where children are present.  It may also be fitted in other risk areas such as sliding doors which lead to swimming pools.  There is a high incidence of people walking through sliding glass doors near swimming pools, caused primarily by surface water glare and the presence of slippery surfaces around a pool..

Anti-graffitifilm is a solution to diminish graffiti damage on mirrors, glass and stainless steel. Our films are optically clear, enhanced with ultraviolet absorbing agents that shield up to 99% of UV rays.  They are made to resist common graffiti, chemicals, paints, and tools, and are made with special adhesives for ease of removal and replacement. Once installed the film is nearly invisible.  When vandals strike, the film is removed along with the unsightly tags & is ready for replacement film. Our film is a cost effective way to keep your public areas free from tagging vandalism.  Recommended applications are retail spaces, commercial offices, hotels, schools, public buildings and health care facilities.   

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